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    Australian Federal Electorates 2019

    This map lets you browse through the current Australian federal electorates as well as 9500+ schools. Schools are broken down into three sectors: government, catholic and independent:

    For each electorate, click on the sector to see a drop-down list of the schools. You can search for electorates or individual schools using the search bar in the top left corner. Selecting electorates on the map will show information such as the current sitting member, margin of victory, number of schools per sector. It also shows the candidates and their party and for most, includes a link to their education election policy.

    Zoom into the map to display all the schools in an area, coloured-coded by sector. Click on the school to display their information. Selecting schools will show the total enrolment count, the SES(Social Economic Score) and a link to their website. On the top right of the map, click on the party name to see their education policy.

    This product APC Schools Map incorporates data that is:
    © Commonwealth of Australia (Australian Electoral Commission) 2019
    School data is current as at 2017.
    SES as determined for s54 of the AEA 2013.

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